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Sharing multiple items

  • If you want to share multiple items at a time, you can create the folder or notebook and add multiple items in it.
  • To share the folder or notebook perform the following steps:
  1. Select the folder or notebook that you want to share. You will see three dots(…) at the right corner of the selected folder.
  2. A small pop up will appear. Click on Share option. Share screen will appear.
  3. Please note that you can select between two permission settings:
    • Owner: The recipient can see, use, edit, and share the item with other people. Note that the recipient can also edit sharing rights, so revoke the sharing rights of other users who have shared this item, excluding you. The recipient can add and remove the app or note from a shared folder or notebook.
      View (Disable owner button): The recipient can see, use but cannot modify the content of the item. Also, the recipient cannot share the item with other people. The recipient cannot add and remove an app or note from a shared folder or notebook.
  4. You can share the item to multiple people at a time. Add the message and click on the Share button. Item will get shared.
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